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Pro Tools Help OSX Disk Utility

Question: I want to use a second drive for audio, as is recommended for Pro Tools. Can you tell me how to format the drive in OSX? And how do I tell Pro Tools to record on the new drive? [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Ivory 2 Piano ibrary installation

Question: I have an iMac computer, and external hard drive for my Pro Tools files.

How do you suggest to install this program and massive files? Should I install program in my iMac and music files on hard drive? Get Answer

Pro Tools Lacie D2 Quadra Oxford Chipset

Can I use the LaCie D2 Quadra Firewire drive with Pro Tools? Which chipset does it use? Is it compatible with Pro Tools? Get Answer

Pro Tools External Hard Drives

Which External Hard Drives Can I use with Pro Tools? What are the requirements? Do you know which drives Avid recommends? Get Answer

Yamaha PSR-E423 keyboard as a Pro Tools MIDI controller

I am looking at a Yamaha PSR-E423 keyboard as a MIDI controller. Seems a good price and decent standalone sounds. Rather than MIDI Out, it has USB. I’m wondering if you feel this would work ok to control midi in Pro Tools. Get Answer

Matching Loop tempo with Session in Pro Tools

Is there a way to make the tempo of my audio loop match the click track? Get Answer

Pro Tools Help M-Powered iLok

I have Pro Tools 8 LE and Pro Tools M-Powered 8 and only M-Powered is recognizing my iLok. How can I correct this? Get Answer

Pro Tools Bomb Factory Plugins

I’ve installed a set of free Bomb Factory plug-ins and they are not showing in my Pro Tools AudioSuite menu where I believe all the plug-ins should be gathered. How come? Get Answer

Pro Tools Help Headphone Splitter

My MIDI keyboard is a radio shack Optimus MD-1200. It has the two MIDI connections but no audio (rca) type outputs. Is it possible to use the headphone output with a splitter to make the two audio outputs? Would this work? Get Answer