Getting Started with Pro Tools

This series of videos provides a complete introduction to the world of Pro Tools and then jumps right in and shows you around the software’s main windows, menus, and navigational tools. You’ll also take a preview-style look at the Editing Tools and Modes that are covered in-depth in later lessons.

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What can Pro Tools do

Welcome to the first set of tutorials in this comprehensive online Pro Tools training series. During this first set of videos, you’ll learn some of the ways Pro Tools software is used for music and audio production while also taking a look at the audio, MIDI, and mixing features that have helped it to become the world-wide standard in digital audio workstations for nearly two decades. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Systems

Pro Tools systems come in many different shapes and sizes: Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools 9, Pro Tools 8 LE, Pro Tools HD, HD Native, LE , and M-Powered. In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll see what some of the most important differences are between them by comparing the software, hardware, and cost of each. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Menus

In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll learn the basic elements of the Pro Tools Menu system and become familiar with the way different features and capabilities are organized. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Windows

In this 45-minute series of Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll take a guided tour of the most important Pro Tools windows. You’ll explore the Edit, Mix, Transport, MIDI Editor, Score Editor windows and more. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Edit Tools and Modes Overview

In this 10-minute set of Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll take a quick, first look at Pro Tools Edit Modes and Editing Tools. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]

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Main Counter in Pro Tools

These two Pro Tools Tutorials will show you how to set your Main and Sub Counters, and your Rulers to match your preferred Timescale. You’ll learn how you can choose to work with your audio and MIDI in Minutes and Seconds, Bars and Beats, or Samples timescales. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]