Introduction to Pro Tools Recording

In this series of lessons you’ll be getting into the basic of recording. You’ll learn about different types of hard drives for audio, using a click track, dealing with monitoring latency. and more.

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Electric Guitar Connecting to Pro Tools

In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials you’re going to review the different types of audio connectors and settings found on your Pro Tools hardware audio interface so you’ll know exactly how to connect any type of instrument or audio source when it comes time to record. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Close up of hard disk

Pro Tools is a hard disk recorder and it’s important that your drive is suitable for your Pro Tools system and up to the challenge of recording and streaming back gigabytes of digital audio during your sessions. So, in this Pro Tools tutorial, you’re going to learn about two major hard disk considerations: [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Best Pro Tools Hard Drives

This post will help you find the right Pro Tools hard drive by introducing you to three Avid Approved Pro Tools external drives and giving you a short guide to some of the Pro Tools 9 Hard Drive requirements [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Recording Audio into Pro Tools

In previous Pro Tools Tutorials you’ve learned about preparing for recording into Pro Tools. Now it’s time to combine different recording, selection, and monitoring features and techniques together into two audio recording tutorials. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Pre and Post Roll Basics

In these Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll learn multiple techniques for quickly setting the amount of time that Pro Tools plays before and/or after an Edit or Recording selection using the Pre-Roll and Post-Roll features. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]

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Post image for Stereo vs Mono Recording

This series of Pro Tools Tutorials will walk you through some of the things you need to consider when choosing to record your Pro Tools audio to Mono or Stereo tracks. Track Formats, Panning, and sound sources are discussed. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for About Input Monitoring

In these Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll learn about Auto Input and Input Only Monitoring and which one to use and why, when you’re recording and playing back you’re sessions. You’ll also learn how to use pre-roll in with the monitoring modes. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Dealing with Monitoring Latency

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series, you’re going to look at what causes monitoring latency (that annoying delay when you’re recording) and how you can reduce it or eliminate it completely. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Getting Optimum Pro Tools Performance

In these Pro Tools Tutorials you’re going to learn how to improve your system performance and get more out of Pro Tools by adjusting settings that determine how Pro Tools uses the CPU resources available in your computer. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]