Edit Modes and Tools In-Depth

In this series of videos you’ll be going in-depth into the Edit Modes and the Edit Tools.

The Tools lessons cover the Zoom, Trimmer, Selector, Grabber, Scrubber, Pencil, and Smart Tools while the Edit Mode lessons cover Slip, Shuffle, Spot, Absolute Grid and Relative Grid modes. Each lesson includes detailed explanations and tips and tricks to save you time.

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Post image for Pro Tools Edit Tools

In this lesson you’re going to learn how to use the Pro Tools Editing Tools as you watch in-depth lessons on each one: Zoomer, Trimmer, Grabber, Selector, Scrubber, Pencil, and Smart Tool. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


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Pro Tools has several different Editing Modes. Each mode affects the way the editing tools will behave when you’re working in your sessions. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]