Pro Tools Tutorials | Intro to MIDI in Pro Tools

In these Pro Tools Tutorials you’ll learn the most important aspects of MIDI as they apply to your music production work in Pro Tools.
You’ll learn what MIDI is and how it is a vital component in making music. Lessons included MIDI Sequencing, MIDI Controllers, How to Setup your MIDI instruments and hardware to work with Pro Tools, and more.

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Pro Tools MIDI

This series of Pro Tools Tutorials is your introduction to MIDI. You’ll learn the basic idea of MIDI – what it is, and what it does. You’ll also learn the essentials about MIDI controller devices and MIDI sequencing in Pro Tools. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Making MIDI Connections

This series of Pro Tools Tutorials includes some very important MIDI training. You’ll be learning about MIDI Channels and how they apply to using multiple sounds out of one MIDI instrument. You’ll also be learning about the cable connections between multiple MIDI devices, including your computer MIDI interface connections. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for MIDI and Instrument Tracks Explained

Pro Tools uses two types of tracks for MIDI sequencing: MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks. In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials, you’ll learn the difference between them and watch tutorials explaining how to set each type of track up with an external MIDI instrument. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Timebase, Meter and Tempo

Pro Tools tracks can be assigned to one of two timebases: ticks or samples. In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials, you’ll explore the differences between these timebases and see how each one affects your tracks in a practical session workflow. You’ll also learn about the Bar Beats ruler and timescale and how to set your default meter and tempo. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Using Audio MIDI Setup in OSX with Pro Tools

Before you can start using your external MIDI devices with Pro Tools, you need to let the software know about the MIDI hardware you’ve got connected to your system.

For OSX users, this is done by creating a Studio Setup in the Audio MIDI Setup application that comes as part of OSX. This tutorial will walk you through the process. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Using External MIDI Instruments with Pro Tools

When you’re done with this Pro Tools Tutorial you’ll be able to explain the basic premise of MIDI. You will be able to set up Pro Tools to record MIDI using a virtual instrument as the sound source and you will record the resulting MIDI performance as audio. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]

Post image for From MIDI to Audio in Pro Tools Tutorial

Follow step-by-step, from New Session, to creating MIDI, and routing and recording audio, and discover how different Pro Tools features compliment each other in an everyday, professional, music creation workflow using MIDI and audio. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]