Pro Tools Tutorials | Working with MIDI in Pro Tools

This series of Pro Tools Tutorials goes in-depth on MIDI in Pro Tools – Basic MIDI Editing, How to use the Boom and Xpand2 Virtual Instruments, and how to use external MIDI hardware instruments in your setup.

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Post image for MIDI Controls, Track Setup and Quantizing

These Pro Tools Tutorials include more essential MIDI training. You’ll be learning about Pro Tools MIDI controls and how to set up virtual instruments on an Instrument track. You’ll also be learning about one of the most commonly used MIDI sequencer features: Quantizing. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Using Xpand2 Virtual Instrument

Pro Tools Creative Collection includes a number of virtual instruments including the multi-timbral workstation synth, Xpand2. In this series of videos you’ll learn all of the features of Xpand2 including how to layer sounds, use the arpeggiator, add effects and use modulation. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Using Boom Virtual Drum Machine

Boom is a virtual drum machine plug-in that you use within Pro Tools. In this series of videos you’ll learn how to create and edit drum kits and instrument sounds, and how to program beats using the built-in pattern sequencer. You’ll also learn how to control the sequencer in Boom using MIDI. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]