Pro Tools Tutorials | Editing Audio and MIDI

In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials you will begin learning about region-based editing features in Pro Tools.

You’ll learn how to use the standard editing commands like Cut, Copy and Paste. But also learn Pro Tools-specific editing command like Heal, Capture, Quantize to Grid.

The lesson module also includes an in-depth introduction to creating Fades using the Fade edit command.

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Pro Tools Region Editing Tutorial Videos

In this series of Pro Tools tutorial videos you’re going to learn about the region-specific editing commands found in the Region menu. Quantize to Grid, Capture, Heal and Separate Commands are explained. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Non Destructive Editing Explained

This Pro Tools Lesson article explains an important idea behind all Pro Tools editing features: Non-Destructive Editing.

Pro Tool is considered a nondestructive editing environment because most of the audio edits that you perform will not alter the original audio that is recorded and stored on your hard drive. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]

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Post image for Nudging Regions

This step-by-step Pro Tools tutorial explains how to make finely tuned adjustments to the placement of audio and MIDI regions using the Nudge features. You’ll learn how to set Nudge values and move regions around using Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Fade Dialog

In this hour long set of Pro Tools tutorial videos you will learn how to use the core set of Pro Tools Editing commands and tools. Standard editing commands like Cut, Copy, Past, Duplicate and Repeat; Making Grid Settings and using Grid Modes, Trim and Fade tools are all explored in-depth. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Locking Regions

This illustrated step-by-step Pro Tools tutorial will show you how to Lock your audio and MIDI regions to protect them from accidentally being moved or edited as you work on your session.. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]