Pro Tools Tutorials | Mixer Essentials

In this series of Pro Tools Tutorials you will learn about the Pro Tools Mixer, Plug-ins, and Automation.

In the first five videos (about 30 minutes) you’ll learn about Inputs, Outputs, Busses and Sends.

In the next three videos (about 20 minutes) you’ll learn about plug-ins: what they are and do. More specifically, about the different formats of plug-ins in Pro Tools – AudioSuite and RTAS.

The final set of videos in this series is on Automation (about 40 minutes). You will learn how to use automation to create more dynamic and balanced mixes. Includes lessons on creating automation using different automation modes, as well as editing automation.

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Reverb Send and Return Setup in Pro Tools

In this series of Pro Tools tutorial videos you’re going to learn about the most important Pro Tools mixer features and terminology. The series includes tutorials on how to use Plug-In Inserts, Effects Sends and Returns, and more. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


RTAS plugins icon

In these tutorials you’ll take a birds-eye view at what is happening in the world of Pro Tools plug-ins and learn the essentials of RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Pro Tools Automation Essentials

This set of Pro Tools tutorials will teach you how to Write, Read, View and Edit mixer automation and how to the different Automation Modes (Touch, Latch, Write) affect the way process of creating dynamic mixes. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Setting Default and Favorite Plug-ins

This short Pro Tools tutorial will show you how to speed up your workflow and save time using the Default Plug-In and Favorite Plug-In preference settings. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]