Pro Tools Tutorials | Finalizing and Backing Up a Mix

In this final series of Pro Tools Tutorials you’re going to be learning how to use the Maxim plug-in to limit and increase the gain of your final mix (a popular trend).

Then you’ll learn about various ways to make backups of your sessions and then finally, you’ll learn how to record your final mix down to Disk, and to a track in your Pro Tools session using the Bounce feature.

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Maxim Histogram

A Master Fader is a very critical tool when you’re mixing in Pro Tools. Not only does it provide a way to meter the sum of all the parts. But it’s also the place where you’re most likely to apply some of the mix processing that can help you get the maximum level out of your mixes and the best possible digital signal. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Gold Album Award

Bouncing tracks is a term that is used to describe recording multiple tracks down to one or two tracks. You’ll need to bounce down your session or individual tracks to get them ready to share as CD audio, MP3s, or to make them compatible with other media platforms. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Session Backups

We all know that losing important data is sometimes only a dropped hard disk or a short power surge away (ahem). So, in this lesson you’ll learn how to make backups of your Pro Tools sessions and the related files so you’ll be covered – just in case. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]