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Welcome to the Bonus Pro Tools Tutorials section. This is the place where you will find tutorials that show you how to accomplish certain tasks in Pro Tools using many of the techniques and tools you’ve learned thus far (and some brand new features, too).

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Post image for Using Sync Points Tutorial

Sync Points in Pro Tools are useful when you want to line up a point within a Region [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Using a Sidechain Input on a Gate Plugin in Pro Tools

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will recognize a few of the sounds that defined the sound of euro-pop and new wave. One of them is a 16th note Gated Synth sound. Watch this video and find out how to create it in Pro Tools. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Post image for Beat Detective Groove Template

In this video you’re going to learn about using Beat Detectiveâ„¢ to extract subtle timing information from a recording of a live drum part. Then you’ll discover how to apply that timing information to your own MIDI performance. The purpose is to infuse some of the feel of the live drum part into the MIDI parts so that all the parts groove together. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]


Pro Tools Automation Video Tutorial

Create dynamic and exciting mixes using Pro Tools Automation. [View this Pro Tools tutorial…]