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Essential Pro Tools Training for beginners. Learn the basics of Pro Tools and producing music in under 90 days.

Everything you need is right here

If you’re new to using Pro Tools, or have some experience but feel you still don’t know as much as you could about the basics, PTTUTS.COM has everything you need to learn the essentials of Pro Tools.

  • Know all the essential features of Pro Tools
  • More up to date than books and DVDs
  • Like having your own personal tutor
  • Improve the overall quality of your music and audio
  • Between one and two hours a week
  • Keep your skills up to date
  • Be part of a Pro Tools music community
  • Save your time and your money

  • “…I’m not a very technical person but …”

    “I have been in radio for over 30 years and have used Pro Tools… for at least 10 years. Chris is an amazing teacher. I’m not a very technical person but he was able to teach me with terms I understood and analogies that made it easy to learn.”

    Byron Close ~ Producer, Corus Entertainment

  • “…quite impressive”

    “Before my lessons I thought I had a good handle on Pro Tools but I wanted to learn more. Chris showed me things that I would have never picked up on without his help. His knowledge is vast and quite impressive. He made sure I understood the material and challenged me along the way. I recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in learning Pro Tools.”

    Dom Leong ~ Producer & Composer, Intrax Studios

  • “…reduces the complexity of recording into clear, learnable chunks”

    “I had bought a new studio and was at a complete loss. Chris helped me get the studio up and running immediately. He is an excellent teacher. He reduces the complexity of recording into clear, learnable chunks. I am now completing my first CD recording as an engineer and am loving it.”

    Kristine Theurer ~ Singer & Songwriter

  • “… getting attention from industry ears”

    “Having basically no recording experience going into my training with Chris, I was praying that I would be able get my music to sound the way I heard it in my head. Chris was able to give me that knowledge without getting too technical too quickly… I am now recording my own song writing demos which are getting attention from industry ears with no complaints (and even some praise) about the quality of the recording.”

    Michael Millman ~ Songwriter

  • “…I don’t have time to learn by trial-and-error”

    “I use Pro Tools as a hobby during the evenings and weekends. Because I have two young children and a full-time job, I don’t have a ton of time to learn all the Pro Tools basics by trial-and-error. Chris has been invaluable, by teaching me the fundamentals of ProTools… with speed and ease.”

    Michael Leowen ~ Musician

  • “…made it easy for me”

    “Chris was intelligent and fast with his demonstrations during my Pro Tools training. He made it easy for me to move forward with my recording schedule… Thank you Chris for saving me time and money.”

    Kenny Holliday ~ Producer, Musician, Performer

  • “…inspiring”

    “I’ve worked with Chris for a number of years in the Pro Audio Industry and found his knowledge and enthusiasm inspiring. During my conversations with Chris, I always came away with some new piece of knowledge, or a new way to do something.”

    Allan Gauld ~ Avid-Digidesign

Learn to use the tools the pros use

You got into Pro Tools because you’re inspired to create great something great with music and audio using the software tools that are trusted and proven by the pros everyday.

Now its time to get clarity on how you use Pro Tools to bring your musical ideas to life.

Get started today

Start learning the essentials of using Pro Tools to record, edit, sequence and mix a music project.

Go step-by-step through the most important features in Pro Tools with an experienced producer and Pro Tools educator. It’s like having your own personal tutor to walk you through the software while explaining the common uses and pro techniques along the way.

QuickStart Guide Only
$34 / Purchase
Download the Guide and Tutorial Sessions

Premium Multi-Pay
$39 / Month x3
Limited Time Offer

Premium Access
$97 / Single Payment
Limited Time Offer

Hours of Pro Tools Training Videos
Access to Member Community
Text Based Articles
Illustrated Tutorials
165 Page QuickStart PDF Guide
QuickStart Tutorial Pro Tools Sessions
Membership Bonuses
One Year Membership

Topics you’ll be learning about

  • Get a birds-eye view of some of the things you can accomplish using Pro Tools. You’ll also take a quick look at the differences between three types of Pro Tools systems.

  • Find out what you need to know to make sure your Pro Tools system works for you, not against you when you’re making music.

  • Explore the Pro Tools user interface on a guided tour of the Edit, Mix, Transport, MIDI Editor, and other windows.

  • Learn the basic of recording: how to set levels, how to connect your sources, and how to choose track formats for your recordings.

  • The Edit Modes completely change the way Pro Tools behaves. Learn the unique characteristics of each Mode, when and why to use them, and how to avoid common Edit Mode pitfalls.

  • Watch as the Grabber, Zoomer, Selector, Scrubber, Penicl and Smart Tools are demonstrated and explained in-depth.

  • MIDI is an entire world of music creation tools in it’s own right. Discover how MIDI can be used in Pro Tools to transform your music.

  • Learn the basics of using two great sounding virtual instruments – the Boom drum machine and the powerful Xpand2 multi-timbral instrument.

  • Learn the basics of one of the most fun and creative aspects of working on a music or audio productions in Pro Tools – mixing!

  • Get to know some of the great sounding effects and processing plugins that are included with your Pro Tools system.

  • Learn how to manage your audio files on your drive and in the Pro Tools Regions list, and import audio files into Pro Tools using the file menu and the Digibase Browser.

  • Optimize your Pro Tools system by tweaking the the available settings that allow you to maximize CPU usage and work like a pro.

  • Sharing your music and audio productions is what it’s all about. Learn how to finalize your mix and get it ready to put on CD or online.

Overview of all Lessons

Schedule of Lessons

Start Date

Each week includes between one and two hours of video training.

101: Getting Started with Pro Tools The first day you sign up!
102: Working with sessions Week 2
103: Audio Recording Week 3
104: Importing Audio, Working with Regions and Playlists Week 4
105: Introduction to Editing Tools and Modes Week 5
106: Introduction to MIDI Week 6
107: Deeper into Editing Week 7
108: Mixing (Part 1) Week 8
109: Mixing (Part 2) Week 9
110: Production Techniques Week 10
111: Final Mixdown Week 11
112: Wrap Up – Putting it all together Week 12

Bonus Lessons and Continued Access

113: Bonus Lessons Week 13
Your Access to PTTUTS.COM content continues for one year from the day you sign up.

Preview Lessons from Week One

Here’s a preview of the lessons you’ll get in your first week. New lessons follow each week for 12 weeks.

The first video in each series of this sample overview can be viewed by clicking on it’s title.

Introduction to Pro Tools Essentials


What can you do with Pro Tools?

What can you do with MIDI in Pro Tools? 08:20
What can you do with Mixing in Pro Tools? 11:46

Overview of different Pro Tools systems

Pro Tools system hardware differences and how they affect you. 03:49
Pro Tools, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered software differences. 04:15

The Pro Tools Menus

The Edit menu 01:43
The View and Window menus 02:26
Track, Region and Event menus 02:23
AudioSuite, Options, Setup and Help menus 05:55

Pro Tools Windows

The Edit Window Side Columns 06:36
The Toolbar 03:55
The Mix window 04:55
The Transport Window (aka The Floating Transport) 03:55
The MIDI Editor 05:48
The Score editor window 03:09
Tooltips 02:41
Window Layouts 03:10

Edit Tools and Modes Overview

Methods and shortcuts for activating Edit Tools 01:39
Introductory overview of the Edit Modes 03:31

Members Only Forum

When you sign-up at pttuts.com you become part of a community of like minded individuals who are making music with Pro Tools.

Whether you need to ask for help on a lesson or just want to look for someone to critique one of your songs, the forum is your place to hang out, share ideas and learn.

Be overjoyed – not overloaded

You won’t suffer from information overload and you won’t have to wonder which lessons to watch and when. Each week new lesson videos will be posted in a way that makes learning Pro Tools easy to manage. Each lesson builds on the last and important concepts will be repeated for you.

Take some time to practice and review your lessons and visit the forums for questions and answers and you’ll discover that learning Pro Tools can be achieved ~ easily and conveniently.

Review everything at your own pace

Your premium access to the videos and the members-only forums lasts for an entire year. So after you’ve gone through the lessons in sequence (the first 90 days), you’ll continue to have 24/7, uninterrupted access to everything. Plenty of time for review at your own pace.

The PTtuts.com advantage

PTtuts.com is created and presented by Chris Bryant. Chris has 20+ years of professional experience as both a creative user, producing and writing music, and also as an educator and consultant helping new users and creative professionals learn to about Pro Tools, MIDI and audio production.

Welcome friends and students,

Thank you for letting me help you to learn about producing music and using Pro Tools!

I’m looking forward to meeting and helping you personally over the next 90 days in the PTtuts.com forums inside the site.” ~ Chris Bryant

BONUS: Music Production QuickStart Guide

This is the guide that has been used by thousands of new Pro Tools users around the world to learn the basics of Pro Tools. You get it free when you sign up for pttuts.com.

Download, print it, keep it on hand as a reference. Just another way to make learning Pro Tools convenient and easy for you.

Watch the QuickStart Teaser 1:26

The music you hear in this video is a mix of the QuickStart tutorial sessions you’ll be working with. How will you mix it?

QuickStart Guide PDF Features

  • 165 pages of Pro Tools tips, instruction, and mini tutorials
  • Pro Tools 8 Tutorial Sessions with audio make it fast and easy to learn
  • Full Color Screen shots
  • Written for Pro Tools 8
  • Includes links to online Video tutorials
  • Explores Recording, Editing, Mixing, MIDI and Pro Tools Core Concepts

QuickStart Guide is clear and easy to follow

Music Production QuickStart Guide Contents

Chapter Titles

Tutorial Sessions

01: Introduction 11: Edit Tools 01: Using Modes
02: Crash Proofing Pro Tools 12: Edit Modes 02: Importing Audio
03: Pro Tools Concepts 13: MIDI Recording 03: Electric Guitar Editing
04: Pro Tools File Structure 14: Basic MIDI Editing 04: Boom Drum Machine
05: Getting Started 15: MIDI Bass 05: Boom Editing
06: Creating a New Session 16: Mixing Basics 2 06: MIDI Bass
07: Creating Tracks 17: Mixing Down the Session 07: Mixing
08: Pro Tools User Interface Appendix 08: Mix Effects Tutorial
09: Recording Audio Next Steps 09: Mixing Down the session
10: Importing Audio About the Author

  • “…the best I’ve seen”

    “Thank you for your wonderful Web site and Quick Start Guide… I found it wonderfully clear and helpful! … the way you have outlined the edit tools and modes are the best I’ve seen.”

    Roy Finch ~ Composer, Teacher at Los Angeles Film School

  • “…an eye-opener for me”

    “Although I’ve been using Pro Tools LE now for two years reading your Quickstart Guide is an eye-opener for me. It’s really a big help in improving my work flow. I would like to express my big thanks to you for providing me… with all the helpful information.”

    Hans ~ Musician, The Netherlands

  • “…clarity”

    “As a student at the Berklee College of Music majoring in Electronic Production and Design, I use Pro Tools for many of my projects. … I often will take out your QuickStart Guide because of the clarity of explanations, as I did just the other day when setting up some work in MIDI.”

    Marc Edelstein ~ Student at Berklee College of Music

  • “…control over my own music creations”

    “Your tutorials are far superior to any others I have researched. Your comprehensive, easy to follow and visually gratifying lessons have supplied me with the self-confidence I need to exercise competent and easy control over my own music creations. Old dogs most certainly can learn new tricks with the welcome aid of your expertly-executed tutorial presentations.”

    Don “Yu Yo” Stewart ~ Musician & Songwriter

  • “…knowledge to record like a pro”

    “I bought a MBox 2 about three years ago …because I didn’t want to pay a engineer to record me. That was one mistake I regret in my life. Until I found this web site. After reading this wonderful book (QuickStart Guide), it gave me the confidence and knowledge to record like a pro.”

    Anonymous ~ sent in via Website

QuickStart Guide Only
$34 / Purchase
Download the Guide and Tutorial Sessions

Premium Multi-Pay
$39 / Month x3
Limited Time Offer

Premium Access
$97 / Single Payment
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Hours of Pro Tools Training Videos
Access to Member Community
Text Based Articles
Illustrated Tutorials
165 Page QuickStart PDF Guide
QuickStart Tutorial Pro Tools Sessions
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