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101: Getting Started with Pro Tools

What can you do with Pro Tools?

Start with a birds-eye view of some of Pro Tools system capabilities that have helped make Pro Tools® the world-wide standard in digital audio workstations for nearly two decades. Includes lessons on Pro Tools capabilities, Menus, Edit Mode and Edit Tools basics, and using Timescales and Rulers.

109 Minutes of Video Tutorials

102: Working with Pro Tools Sessions

Start your Pro Tools sessions on the right foot.

Working with Pro Tools sessions

Learn the essentials of creating new sessions and new tracks, master Pro Tools file management and discover how to keep track of your precious audio and session related files. Discover how to minimize Pro Tools system errors and crashes and use the iLok smart key to manage your purchased and demo plug-ins.

105 Minutes of Video Tutorials

103: Audio Recording Essentials

Audio Recording Essentials

recording audio into pro tools

Learn how to connect your audio gear to Pro Tools. Discover important details about Pro Tools hard disk requirements and get into the nuts and bolts of recording: choosing track formats, settings levels, using input monitoring modes and getting around hardware latency.

113 minutes of video tutorials

104: Importing Audio and Working with Regions and Playlists

Import Audio and create with Regions and Playlists

Importing Audio into Pro Tools

Learn different ways to bring audio into your sessions and then explore how to work with audio regions, and one of the most powerful features in Pro Tools: Playlists!

69 Minutes of video tutorials

105: Editing Tools and Modes

Discover powerful editing capabilities

Pro Tools Edit Modes

Get started using the Trimmer, Selector, Zoomer, Pencil and Grabber Tools. Learn how the different modes – Shuffle, Spot, Slip, and Grid can help you work faster and smarter.

76 Minutes of video tutorials

106: Introduction to MIDI

The mystery of MIDI explained

Yamaha DX7 MIDI keyboard

You’ll learn exactly what MIDI is and isn’t and why you absolutely need to know how to use it if you plan on producing music. Learn about MIDI Controllers, Instrument and MIDI tracks, MIDI connections and elusive topics like Ticks and Samples timebase.

94 Minutes of video lessons and tutorials. +Illustrated step-by-step tutorials.

107: Working with MIDI

Using Virtual Instruments and MIDI features

BOOM virtual instrument in Pro Tools

Probe deeper into Pro Tools MIDI features like input quantizing and learn how to set up virtual and external MIDI instruments in Pro Tools. This module also includes in-depth lessons on using the Xpand2 and Boom virtual instrument plug-ins.

93 minutes of video tutorials

108: Making Selections and Navigating in Sessions

Selection and Navigation Techniques

Audio Selection in Pro Tools

Pro Tools offers you numerous ways to make selections and move around in your sessions. In this module you’ll learn about Timeline vs Edit Selections, Zoom navigation features, memory locations and more. You’ll also explore window configurations in depth using six detailed step-by-step illustrated tutorials.

62 Minutes of video tutorials. + Six illustrated step-by-step tutorials

109: Editing Essentials

Discover powerful editing capabilities

Pro Tools Editing

Pro Tools Editing features are demonstrated and explained. Explore the Region-specific editing commands as well as the standard issue editing capabilities. This module also includes a detailed introduction to using Fades and Crossfades.

88 Minutes of video tutorials

110: The Mixer and Mixing Concepts

I/O, Inserts, Sends, Plug-ins & Automation

ProTools Mixer

You’ll learn about the most common terms and ideas related to mixing while exploring the Pro Tools Mixer capabilities. I/O, Busses, Inserts, Sends and Returns, Plug-ins and Automation.

90 Minutes of video lessons and tutorials. +Illustrated step-by-step tutorial.

111: Mixing and Production Techniques

Getting deeper into mixing

Mix Knob in Creative Collection Plug-In in Pro Tools

In 110 you learned the inner working of the Pro Tools mixer. Now, you’ll start learning about EQ and compression, as well as some techniques for creating drum tracks from multiple audio loops.

60 minutes of video tutorials + 1 Article + 4 Step by Step Tutorials with downloads

112: Course Wrap up and putting it all together.

Completing and Sharing your Music

Music Production QuickStart Guide

Learn how you to prepare your music for sharing. Includes lessons on Stereo Mix processing using Maxim and Dither, recording and bouncing final stereo mixes, and backing up your sessions.

83 Minutes of video tutorials.

Bonus: Music Production QuickStart Guide and Tutorial Sessions.

165 Pages of illustrated tutorials and instruction

Music Production QuickStart Guide

The Music Production QuickStart guide is a stand alone course in PDF format. It takes you through essential Pro Tools concepts and lessons in quick, reference guide. Includes Pro Tools session tutorials (and audio) to download.

165 Page PDF Guide + 32MB Pro Tools Tutorial Sessions and Audio files

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