Bouncing Tracks, Final Stereo Mix and Backing Up (112)

Pro Tools Tutorial Mastering

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 112

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll learn how to prepare your music for sharing outside of Pro Tools.

Learn about Stereo Mix processing using Maxim and Dither, recording and bouncing final stereo mixes, and making complete back-ups of your sessions.

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Master Faders and Stereo Mix Processing


Master Faders, Maxim, and Dithering

Maximizing Loudness using the Maxim Peak Limiter 16:36
Dither and Why you need to use it 5:36
How to use Dither and Pro Tools dither plug-ins 4:08
Master Fader Inserts and Using a Stereo Sub-Mix 7:54

Bouncing Tracks in Pro Tools

When, Why and How to Bounce Audio and MIDI tracks

Bouncing to Tracks 6:49
Bouncing to Disk 7:18
Bouncing MIDI and Instrument Tracks and De-Activating Tracks 10:27

Pro Tools Session Backups

Detailed Lesson on Save Session Copy

Introduction – why back up and what to use 4:49
Explanation of Items to Import settings 8:29
Backing up plug-in settings and lesson conclusion 4:31

Quick Lesson on Save Session Copy