Editing Tools and Edit Modes (105)

Pro Tools Tutorial Editing

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 105

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’re going to get started using the Trimmer, Selector, Zoomer, Pencil, Grabber and other editing tools. You’ll also learn how to use Shuffle, Spot, Slip, and different Grid modes to accomplish common audio editing tasks.

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Pro Tools Edit Tools


Edit Tools In-Depth

Zoomer Tools 09:59
Standard Trimmer Tool 05:59
Selector Tool 04:45
Time Grabber 02:37
Scrubber Tool 04:28
Pencil Tool 05:38
Smart Tool – Selector, Grabber, Trimmer, Fade and Crossfade Tools 09:02
Extra – Some Edit Tool tips and tricks 03:42

Pro Tools Edit Modes

Edit Modes In-Depth

Shuffle Mode 03:47
Demo – Using Shuffle to edit conga loop 01:58
Shuffle Lock 04:12
Spot Mode 01:45
Grid Mode – Absolute 02:55
Grid Mode – Relative 03:37
Snap to Grid 03:02