Importing Audio, Using Regions and Playlists (104)

Pro Tools Tutorial Import Audio

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 104

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll be learning how to bring audio into your sessions. You’ll also explore how to work with audio regions (aka clips), and learn how to create and edit using one of Pro Tools most powerful features – Playlists!

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Understanding the Different Pro Tools Audio Regions


Identifying and Managing Audio Regions

Sub-Set Regions 04:55
Default Naming of Regions and Stereo Regions 06:45
Clearing and Deleting Regions 05:19
Clearing Unused Regions 02:12

Understanding Playlists

Explanation and Demonstration of Playlists

Introduction and explanation of Edit and Automation Playlists 04:03
How to use an Edit Playlist when Recording, Editing and Arranging 09:36

Importing Audio

Different audio file formats and how to import them into your sessions

Session Setup Window, Import Audio Dialog, Convert, Add, Copy 09:41
Importing MP3 files and CDs 06:38
Importing Audio using the Workspace 08:15
Importing Multiple Audio Files at Once 02:08