MIDI and Virtual Instruments (107)

Pro Tools Tutorial MIDI

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 107

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll go deeper into Pro Tools MIDI features like Input Quantizing and you’ll learn how to set up virtual and external MIDI instruments in Pro Tools. This module also includes in-depth lessons on using the Xpand2 and Boom virtual instrument plug-ins.

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MIDI Controls, Setup and Quantizing


More MIDI Essentials

How to Set Up a Virtual Instrument 04:37
Quantizing Explained 07:57
Input Quantize 10:49

Using the Xpand2 Virtual Instrument

Smart Knobs, Parts, Arpeggiator, and more…

Xpand2 Controls Part 1 – Smart Knobs 04:38
Xpand2 Controls Part 2 – Part Controls 09:34
Using the Arpeggiator 05:13
Using Modulation to control part parameters 06:14
Using the Effects modules in the Xpand2 03:30

Using the Boom Virtual Drum Machine

Using Boom Instruments and Pattern Sequencing

Introduction to Boom and how to Edit Kits and Instruments 10:36
Using the Drum Machine style pattern sequencer in Boom 14:37
Control Boom patterns using MIDI 03:06