Getting Started with Pro Tools (101)

Pro Tools Edit Tools Edit Modes

Series 101

This Pro Tools Tutorial series is your introduction to the world of Pro Tools and forms the foundation for the rest of the lessons in this online Pro Tools course.

You’ll become familiar with Pro Tools main windows, menus, and navigational tools. You’ll also take a look ahead at the Editing Tools and Modes that are covered in-depth in later lessons.

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What Can You Do With Pro Tools?


Overview of Pro Tools Audio, MIDI, and Mixing capabilities


Pro Tools Systems

Overview of Pro Tools system differences

Pro Tools TDM vs. LE vs. M-Powered 02:58
Pro Tools system hardware and how those differences affect you. 03:49
Pro Tools, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered software differences. 04:15

Understanding the Pro Tools Interface

The Pro Tools Menus

Series Introduction, Pro Tools and File menus 03:25
The Edit menu 01:43
The View and Window menus 02:26
Track, Region and Event menus 02:23
AudioSuite, Options, Setup and Help menus 05:55

Understanding the User Interface

Pro Tools Windows

Edit Window Side Columns 06:36
Toolbar 03:55
Mix Window 04:55
Transport 03:55
MIDI Editor 05:48
Tooltips 02:41
Window Layouts 03:10

Pro Tools Edit Modes and Tools Overview

Edit Modes and Tools: First Look

Edit Tools Overview 03:39
Tips for Selecting Edit Tools 01:39

Pro Tools Timescales and Rulers

Timescales and Rulers

Rulers 03:40