Pro Tools Editing Essentials (109)

Pro Tools Tutorial Editing

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 109

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll learn how to use Pro Tools essential editing features. Discover Region-specific editing commands as well as the most commonly used editing features found in the Edit Menu. You’ll also be learning how to create Fades and Crossfades.

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Region Editing


Editing Commands found in the Region Menu

Moving Regions around your session 09:39
Capturing Regions 02:01
Separate At Selection, On Grid, At Transients 09:13
How to Quantize Regions to the Grid 02:56

Pro Tools Essential Editing

Essential Editing Commands and Features

Making Grid Settings and Grid Modes reviewed 05:42
The Trim Tool Reviewed 09:13
Using the Trim Commands in the Edit Menu 04:51
Fades and Crossfades – a complete introduction 12:21
Using the Nudge function to move regions and make selections 06:50
Recovering work with MultiLevel Undo, Revert to Saved and Auto-Session Backups 06:53