Introduction to MIDI (106)

Pro Tools Tutorial MIDI

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 106

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll learn exactly what MIDI is and isn’t and why you absolutely need to know how to use it if you plan on producing music. MIDI Controllers, Instrument and MIDI tracks, MIDI connections and elusive topics like Ticks and Samples timebase are all explained.

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Introduction to MIDI


MIDI basics

MIDI in action, MIDI Events, Example Uses 08:01
MIDI Controllers – an overview 07:41
Introduction to MIDI Sequencing 06:49

How to connect your MIDI equipment

Connecting MIDI devices and Interfaces

Connecting MIDI devices to a computer. MIDI Interfaces. 06:53
How to set up Audio MIDI Setup in OSX 07:57

Sequencer Track Types in Pro Tools

MIDI and Instrument Tracks Explained

MIDI Tracks and Instrument Types Explained 05:11
Using MIDI tracks with External MIDI instruments 08:32
Using Instrument tracks with an external MIDI instrument 06:09

Pro Tools Timebase and Tempo Settings

Timebase, Tempo and Meter setting explained

MIDI Events and the Ticks Timebase 03:11
Tick based and Sample based tracks – how they respond to Tempo changes. 07:04
Explanation of the Bar Beats timescale and ruler 03:17
How to set the default Meter for your sessions 01:34
Making Tempo Settings 04:40
Q and A Video: How can I make basic tempo changes? 01:28

Illustrated Step-by-Step Pro Tools MIDI Tutorials

Pro Tools MIDI Setup and Workflow Tutorials

Apple AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) for Pro Tools Text & Images
Using External MIDI Instruments with Pro Tools Text & Images
From MIDI to Audio in Pro Tools Text & Images