Pro Tools Mixer and Mixing (110)

Pro Tools Tutorial Mixer

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 110

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll learn about the essentials of the Pro Tools mixer while exploring some of the most common terms and ideas related to mixing. Includes tutorials that explain how to use Pro Tools Inputs and Outputs, Busses, Inserts, Sends and Returns, Plug-ins and Automation.

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Pro Tools Mixer Basics


Essential Concepts and Terminology for Mixing

Mixer Basics 2 – Panning, Faders, Metering and more 10:21
Mixer Basics 3 – Inserts introductory lesson 04:16
Mixer Basics 4 – Sends and Returns introductory lesson 04:35
Tutorial – Setting up an Effects Send and Return 07:57

Pro Tools Mixer Basics

Essential Concepts and Terminology for Mixing

Using Plug-ins on Inserts and choosing Plug-in formats 09:05
RTAS vs AudioSuite Plug-ins – The differences 04:35

Pro Tools Automation Essentials

How to Write, Read and Edit Mixer Automation

Automation Window, Writing Volume and Mute Automation Tutorial 16:02
View and Editing Automation Playlists 14:35
Automation Modes Compared 07:22