Pro Tools Selection and Navigation Techniques (108)

Pro Tools Tutorial Selections and Navigation

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 108

In this Pro Tools Tutorial series you’ll explore several ways Pro Tools enables you to make Playback and Edit Selections and discover tools to make getting around your sessions easier and faster. You’ll learn about Timeline and Edit Selections, Zoom Navigation features, Memory Locations, Markers, and more.

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Making Selections


Timeline and Edit Selection Techniques

Making Timeline Selections 06:21
Making Edit Selections 05:16
Linking Tracks and Edit Selections 03:21
Selecting Regions using the Tab key 02:24
Selecting audio using the Tab to Transient 04:30

Navigating Sessions

MIDI Views, Track Views, Universe View and Memory Locations

MIDI Track Views 06:05
MIDI Editor Window Revisited 04:09
Adjusting Track Heights 02:57
Secrets of Track Order 04:09
Navigation using Zoom Tools 06:32
Introduction to Memory Locations and Markers Tutorial 08:55

Pro Tools Window Configurations and Layouts

How to create and use Window Layouts to speed up your workflow

Window Configuration Properties Text & Images
Window Display Settings Text & Images
Mix Window Display Settings Text & Images
Transport Window Display Settings Text & Images
Window Layout Properties Text & Images
Window Layouts in Action Text & Images