Pro Tools Sessions (102)

Pro Tools Sessions

Pro Tools Tutorial Series 102

This Pro Tools Tutorial series will show you how to create new sessions, new tracks, and master Pro Tools file management.

You’ll also learn how to minimize Pro Tools system errors and crashes and use the iLok smart key to manage your purchased and demo plug-ins.

This a sample version of this lesson. Enjoy learning Pro Tools and assess the quality of our tutorials before you subscribe.

Creating New Pro Tools Sessions


New Sessions and working with tracks

Creating tracks using the New Tracks dialog 08:07
Naming Tracks and why its important 04:23
Deleting Tracks 02:38

Different ways to Save and Open Pro Tools Sessions

Saving and Opening Sessions

Explanation of the Save and Save As Commands 06:46
Locating and Opening Sessions in File Menu and Workspace browser 05:11

Understanding the Playback and Edit Cursors

Playback and Edit Cursor & Scrolling Options

Understanding the Edit Cursor and Playback Cursor 03:50
Edit window scrolling options 06:51

Pro Tools File Structure

Managing your Pro Tools files

Introduction & Session Folder 04:31
The Audio Files folder 03:59
PRO TOOLS Session Document and the WaveCache 05:46
Session File Backups, Video Files folder, Region Groups folder 04:20

Crash Proofing Pro Tools

Easy Ways to Fine Tune Your Pro Tools System

Crash Proofing Your Pro Tools System 17:45

How to use the Pace iLok USB Dongle

iLok Setup and Use for Beginners

iLok Part 2 – Using your iLok for the first time 03:07
iLok Part 3 – Managing Licenses 02:07
iLok Part 4 – Using the Abby Road Demo License 05:14