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Over the last 20 years PTTUTS owner and instructor Chris Bryant has been helping musicians, songwriters, producers, and engineers – professionals and non-professionals learn about music technology, production, audio and Pro Tools.

  • “I would highly recommend these tutorials …”

    “I found Chris to be a very helpful teacher. The videos are very clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend these tutorials to anyone wanting a simple jargon-free way to learn Pro Tools fast! Great stuff.”

    Declan Sherry ~ Singer, Songwriter || Declan on mySpace

  • “exactly what I was looking for…”

    “I’ve spent a great deal of time and money looking for straight-forward, step-by-step, training on Pro Tools. PTTUTS.COM is exactly what I was looking for. Chris Bryant is by far the best Pro Tools instructor that I’ve found, period. He has a gift for teaching and a natural ability to simplify complex concepts. He then breaks it down in a way that is easy for you to follow and understand.”

    Douglas Ferrier ~ Guitarist

  • “…PTTUTS has helped me to reach the goals …”

    “PTTUTS has helped me to reach the goals I envisioned in my minds-ear. I’m now able to create without all of the limitations and have discovered the full potential of the incredible software that is Pro Tools.”

    Matthew Osepchook ~ Songwriter, Vocalist, Guitarist

  • “My workflow is so much better now …”

    “Chris I just wanted to say thanks for such a great and informative site. It’s helped me more than these few words could ever express. My workflow is so much better now that I understand Pro Tools. Just wan’t to say thanks. I’ll be recommending PTTUTS to some of my friends that have Pro Tools and frankly – anyone that doesn’t understand Pro Tools!”

    Joseph Buckner ~ Musician

  • “…PTTUTS is in another league above the rest …”

    “I’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to Pro Tools training. PTTUTS is in another league above the rest. …much better than what I’ve paid hundreds more for.”

    AudioGeekZine.com Review

  • “…I’m not a very technical person but …”

    “I have been in radio for over 30 years and have used Pro Tools… for at least 10 years. Chris is an amazing teacher. I’m not a very technical person but he was able to teach me with terms I understood and analogies that made it easy to learn.”

    Byron Close ~ Producer, Corus Entertainment || Corus

  • “…quite impressive”

    “Before my lessons I thought I had a good handle on Pro Tools but I wanted to learn more. Chris showed me things that I would have never picked up on without his help. His knowledge is vast and quite impressive. He made sure I understood the material and challenged me along the way. I recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in learning Pro Tools.”

    Dom Leong ~ Producer & Composer, Intrax Studios

  • “…reduces the complexity of recording into clear, learnable chunks”

    “I had bought a new studio and was at a complete loss. Chris helped me get the studio up and running immediately. He is an excellent teacher. He reduces the complexity of recording into clear, learnable chunks. I am now completing my first CD recording as an engineer and am loving it.”

    Kristine Theurer ~ Singer & Songwriter || Website

  • “… getting attention from industry ears”

    “Having basically no recording experience going into my training with Chris, I was praying that I would be able get my music to sound the way I heard it in my head. Chris was able to give me that knowledge without getting too technical too quickly… I am now recording my own song writing demos which are getting attention from industry ears with no complaints (and even some praise) about the quality of the recording.”

    Michael Millman ~ Songwriter

  • “…I don’t have time to learn by trial-and-error”

    “I use Pro Tools as a hobby during the evenings and weekends. Because I have two young children and a full-time job, I don’t have a ton of time to learn all the Pro Tools basics by trial-and-error. Chris has been invaluable, by teaching me the fundamentals of ProTools… with speed and ease.”

    Michael Leowen ~ Musician

  • “…made it easy for me”

    “Chris was intelligent and fast with his demonstrations during my Pro Tools training. He made it easy for me to move forward with my recording schedule… Thank you Chris for saving me time and money.”

    Kenny Holliday ~ Producer, Musician, Performer

  • “…inspiring”

    “I’ve worked with Chris for a number of years in the Pro Audio Industry and found his knowledge and enthusiasm inspiring. During my conversations with Chris, I always came away with some new piece of knowledge, or a new way to do something.”

    Allan Gauld ~ Apple Inc. || Website

  • “…the best I’ve seen”

    “Thank you for your wonderful Web site and Quick Start Guide… I found it wonderfully clear and helpful! … the way you have outlined the edit tools and modes are the best I’ve seen.”

    Roy Finch ~ Composer, Teacher at Los Angeles Film School

  • “…an eye-opener for me”

    “Although I’ve been using Pro Tools LE now for two years reading your Quickstart Guide is an eye-opener for me. It’s really a big help in improving my work flow. I would like to express my big thanks to you for providing me… with all the helpful information.”

    Hans ~ Musician, The Netherlands

  • “…clarity”

    “As a student at the Berklee College of Music majoring in Electronic Production and Design, I use Pro Tools for many of my projects. … I often will take out your QuickStart Guide because of the clarity of explanations, as I did just the other day when setting up some work in MIDI.”

    Marc Edelstein ~ Student at Berklee College of Music

  • “…control over my own music creations”

    “Your tutorials are far superior to any others I have researched. Your comprehensive, easy to follow and visually gratifying lessons have supplied me with the self-confidence I need to exercise competent and easy control over my own music creations. Old dogs most certainly can learn new tricks with the welcome aid of your expertly-executed tutorial presentations.”

    Don “Yu Yo” Stewart ~ Musician & Songwriter

  • “…knowledge to record like a pro”

    “I bought a MBox 2 about three years ago …because I didn’t want to pay a engineer to record me. That was one mistake I regret in my life. Until I found this web site. After reading this wonderful book (QuickStart Guide), it gave me the confidence and knowledge to record like a pro.”

    Anonymous ~ sent in via Website

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